Probably inappropriate to call it a hiatus when I’ve barely got this thing started in the first place and have been posting so infrequently. Anyway! My posting infrequency will become more severe!

I’m starting Clarion West next week and I’ll be doing that through the end of July. From what I’ve heard, spare/free time during CW is a shadow of a dream within your story’s character’s dream. So I probably won’t be writing any posts? It’s cool. If I end up making posts I’ll just delete this post and all three readers of my blog will know I’m a liar but they already knew that and won’t be able to prove it. Bwahahaha.

In all seriousness, thank you loyal readers! Without you I would be a lonely person desperate for attention throwing out random words onto what is basically a personal shrine/billboard. I am still that with you, but in a socially acceptable way. More socially acceptable the more of you there are actually. Societal mores are hilarious.

I’m excited to start/that is what I say because I still don’t really believe it is happening but that is the emotion I would have if I did believe it. I’ll try to write a post or two about it when I finish. :)


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