Well, I finished Clarion West and survived and find myself entirely incapable of writing anything coherent on the topic. Well, a combination of incapability and laziness, with perhaps a smidge more weight to the latter. Anyway! S, a classmate of mine, wrote a thing, so I’ll just link to that. I think others may have written things too? But see laziness above.

My first and so far only published story is for sale as a part of the Unidentified Funny Objects 5 anthology! Also featuring stories by David Gerrold and Esther Friesner and Caroline Yoachim and other awesome folks. You could purchase such a book here if you had a desire to do so.

Also, some people reviewed that anthology and some reviews even touched on my story? Which is exciting and also scary because reasons. I looked a little and saw not bad things but am afraid to look further because many words have been written in author blogs about the insanity that comes from reading reviews.

I start a new job on Monday and while I get settled into that writing may take a back seat for a few months. I do have a few stories that I am shopping around to various markets, so maybe a publication will pop up, but it is more likely that they will collect more rejections, that I will add to my digital rejection tower from which I will stand atop so that I might gaze upon the far more substantial rejection towers of better authors.

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