More Updates!

Wow, I haven’t updated this in a while… To anyone who was loyal enough to stick around this long…damn, I’m impressed.

Anyway, I’m writing to mention two things!

  1. I have a story coming out in Strange Horizons, probably in early 2020! :) :) Twitter announcement.

  2. This website is kinda broken!

So, I think that any comments and attempts to use the Contact Us page probably aren’t working and haven’t been working for a while :( I write this because I’m pretty sure someone tried to do one of those things recently because I get an email when they fail to work. (The issue is that Google is auto-rejecting the website’s attempts to send me an email and instead they send me a security alert email. The last time it happened I tried to reconfigure security settings to fix it, but it looks like that didn’t stick, so what I probably need to do is switch to a better method of sending automated emails). It may have been a spammer or a scammer, but in case it was you, the person who is reading this right now, I’m sorry!

I’m not entirely sure when I’ll have time to fix the issue. I’m actually debating just rebuilding the website on a more modern blogging platform, which is a bigger project. If you want to contact me, please feel free to DM me on twitter. If you want to comment on a post then…I’m sorry. Although, if you really, really want to comment on a post, you can always just DM me the post and the comment and then if I do end up restoring functionality to this site or migrating these posts to a new site then I promise I will strongly consider posting the comment you wanted to post when I do that? (Who are you, mysterious contacter or commenter! I am really curious…)

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