First Blog Post!

Hi! I’m Mitch. I like to write stuff. Sometimes it’s fiction that no one pays me for yet. Other times it’s code that companies pay me for. Now I’ll also write blog posts that probably nobody will read. (Except my Mom. Hi Mom!)

My interests (and probable blog topics) include fiction consumption and production, programming, angry rants, bad attempts at humor, occasionally fitness/nutrition, and philosophy.

I will try to write posts when I think I have something original to say, or, rather, something not original but at least somewhat obscure and worded differently enough that it seems possibly original at a casual glance. (You know, the gold standard). I’ll also write posts that include news, etc, probably along the lines of “buy/patronize this thing I’m involved in so I get money/power/self-esteem” as is usually done with personal websites.

If/when I am offensive and/or woefully incorrect, I apologize now in advance. And I’ll also do my best to apologize in detail (but probably not in advance). If/when I am boring, please yawn and flip to your preferred source of social media with prejudice.

Claiming my own little square nanometer of the internet feels very empowering. It’s definitely already going to my head.

Published on 5 May 2016 at 8:06PM by Mitch, tags: , ,

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